The Epigraph Of Annihilaton (EP)

by What Hunts You

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released January 6, 2013



all rights reserved


What Hunts You Canberra, Australia

Deathcore / Death Metal band from Canberra, Australia. (No Longer Active)

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Track Name: A Lost Utopia
unrelenting these nights grow cold

doused in the light of the undeserved i know i will never be heard
upon misleading paths the denial leads me away I slowly start to decay now I'm scattered across the masses

relieve my shoulder of this burden I carry the endless voyage consumes me
I cannot reach what dose not exist a state in with everything is perfect

waiting in anticipation

to find balance between two worlds

grasp a hold to every word

with baited breath and nothing but anguish
I search for a lost utopia and now I'm drowning in whats left of me a useless epiphany

a black sheep is all I'll ever be slip away while the rest sail home
this tale will not go untold

unrelenting these nights grow cold

I stand alone
Track Name: The Cynic
consumed by ignorance

you fucking walking travesty
you putrid disease
oblivious to all the suffering
a skeptic to all that is happening
all that is happening

a delirious state of mind
when will you let go
of this mentality

your the epitome of filth
a bottom feeder of society
reflect on the words I preach
the entire world is your enemy
you bring man kind to it's fucking knees

a fucking bottom feeder of society
Track Name: Eradication
I'm studying every move you make behind shattered window panes and as daylight dies the end is nigh

and this pressure is grow within everyday a desire burns brighter
I will have my way
I'll rid the earth of scum like you

I'm watching, I'm waiting

I will eradicate the filth of man kind

you parasite
your plague no longer fills my lungs
an epidemic has been overcome

set free the hounds to feed on what is left
begin the purging the world will be cleansed


I am the cartographer mapping out your fate you are an infection
of my landscape
you are the motive for my fucking hate

you parasite
your plague no longer fills my lungs
an epidemic has been overcome
Track Name: Adverse Reality
Neglecting this reality
a race of nihilistic fiends spread disease
transcending throughout frail minds plaguing the weak
the genesis of corruption
commence the infection

condemn this curse upon humanity
harvesting imperfections
establishing this tainted society
neglecting this reality
a race of nihilistic fiends

serve yourself from the physical world
spend your final days stripped of hope
bare and fucking exposed
as the selfish filth we truly are

Close minds give birth to this miscreation
unaware of the decay of civilization x 2
Track Name: The Epigraph Of Annihilation
Unworthy of what we posses the initiation of the end

Decimate rebuild and cleanse strip the earth remove us all from our inhabitants,

The guilt will never cease to exist we take our beautiful home for advantage

Destroying this creation

The epigraph of annihilation

Destroying this creation

Redemption cannot be salvaged, we are a dying breed

Prophecies of approaching death staining our existence

This punishment would be all to sweet

Eternal suffering

The new world will be given life through death, ignorance and greed gave birth to this

Strip the earth remove us all from our inhabitants

Brace yourself and unleash instinct

Eternal suffering


Destroying this creation

The epigraph of annihilation X2